The costumer and their pet is our first priority here at Shampoo the Pooch. Making sure the owner is happy and your pets tail is wagging all the way home! We are aware that people form special, long-lasting relationships with their pets. We wish to enhance your relationship with your special pet, by providing the best possible, high quality, and caring grooming serivces that you can trust and be proud of. Ensuring your little ones comfort during the grooming process is our first concern. A calm and stress free salon is the corner stone of our services. No cages and a delightful open area allowing them to sniff and explore to their little hearts content. I always only service one pet at a time, this provides a quality one on one appointment. 

Your pooch will be groomed to perfection at Shampoo the Pooch

Shampoo the Pooch is an appointment only business. So make sure to call and reserve a date and time!

Make sure to check out the Gallery tab to get familiar with the salon and past pets I have groomed. 

Leaving for the weekend? Got a gig far away? Shampoo the Pooch is always happy to care for your dog!

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Shampoo the Pooch